Thank you for saying YES to the Adelaide PTA!
We encourage all members from the same household to join. Being a member does not mean you have to volunteer. It is just a way of showing your support while getting the benefit of staying in the loop and helping our kids!

Membership Dues
Dues keep the Adelaide PTA in legal standing and go toward student events and staff appreciation. Additional donations are greatly appreciated and go a long way. Thank you for your generosity.

Did You Know PTA Membership Comes With Benefits?
Not only are you improving the lives of the kids at your school, but member benefits are also offered to all Washington State PTA members. To learn more about these discounts, go to the benefits and discount codes page. Membership is simply a small $12 investment that covers the entire school year!

We Are Always Looking For Volunteers!
Although PTA membership does not require volunteer time, we are always looking for people to help out! If you can't make a serious commitment, that's okay. We just need people who can be available when their schedule allows to assist. The financial support is awesome (and necessary), but the volunteer time is just as important! Please consider what you may be able to do!